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Transport Infrastructure Corridor Gold Coast To Sunshine Coast | Prof Ian Lowe, Ms Deborah Tabart, Cr Joe Natoli | Royal Geographical Society of Queensland

Monday, 22 April 2024




Gregory Place Level 1 / 28 Fortescue Street Spring Hill 4000

Guest speakers, Professor Ian Lowe, Sustainable Population Australia, Ms Deborah Tabart OAM, Australian Koala Foundation, and Cr Joe Natoli, Councillor representing Division 4, Alexandra Headland, Buddina, Maroochydore, Minyama, Mooloolaba, Parrearra and Warana as part of the Sunshine Coast Council. Moderated by Stella and Graeme Rush.

The expanding population of the Greater Brisbane area, projected to increase by another 1 million people by 2050, presents challenges for planning, livability and the environment. How will transport infrastructure be planned and what is the timeline for it to be delivered? The corridor from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast is one of the fastest growing population centres in Australia. Contests between wildlife corridors versus transport corridors, physical environments versus human settlements and the overall urban livability index are each caught up in the overall transport plan.

You have 60 minutes to ask questions of the experts representing the conflicting sides of this contest. Register early to book your chance to join this conversation.

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