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Together We Can | Claire O'Rourke | Avid Reader

Sunday, 18 September 2022




Avid Reader Bookshop West End

'If you ever thought you were alone in the battle for climate justice, this book will make you realise you are part of an extraordinary movement of people.' Craig Reucassel, ABC TV's The War on Waste

Dave Copeman is in-conversation with Claire O'Rourke discussing Together We Can: Everyday Australians doing amazing things to give our planet a future.

Inspiring stories about people around Australia who are taking action on climate change, helping create a better future for our children and for the planet, while at the same time deepening connections with each other.

Millions of Australians are quietly freaking out about the state of the planet, and Claire O'Rourke is one of them. We know the science is bad - we're signing petitions, recycling our garbage and switching our light bulbs - and we know so much more needs to be done. Australia is on the front lines. It's going to take a massive, all-hands-on-deck effort to turn this around, and it can be overwhelming thinking about where to start.

Together We Can is an invitation to anyone worried about what climate change means for our future and a challenge to reconnect with our communities. You can start small and simple and, before you know it, climate action is transformative, empowering and hopeful.

Claire tells the stories of everyday people all around Australia who are already making a difference, and they come from every walk of life: food producers, sportspeople, financiers, psychologists, First Nations people, entrepreneurs, public servants, scientists, teachers, actors, farmers, students and retirees. Our fragmented modern lives have pulled us away from the relationships that nurture and inspire. These stories show how contributing to healing our world enriches our connections with each other, which is what we need to face uncertain times.

'You will recognise yourself in every page of this book. From there, the ways we work together to make change are boundless.' - Yael Stone, actor and founder of Hi Neighbour

'Together We Can will recharge your batteries and inspire you into action' - Damon Gameau, director of Regenerating Australia

Claire O'Rourke is a campaigner, communicator, behaviour change expert, partner and parent. Totally climate freaked-out, Claire helps people and organisations take action on climate change, currently as Energy Transformation Program Co-Director at The Sunrise Project. Previously Claire was National Director of Solar Citizens, a community-led renewable energy advocacy organisation. A former journalist, Claire has extensive experience campaigning for social impact, including driving communications for the Every Australian Counts campaign for the National Disability Insurance Scheme and as a senior leader at Amnesty International Australia.

Dave Copeman is the Director of the Queensland Conservation Council, and is an experienced campaigner and community organiser who has spent 20+ years organising for social change in Queensland. He was the founding lead organiser of the Queensland Community Alliance, and before that has worked as a union, human rights and pro-democracy campaigner and a political advisor. Dave's family have worked for generations to protect Queensland's natural wonders as environmental activists. He is committed to building people power to change Queensland and lives in Brisbane with his partner and two kids.

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