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The Wonder of Little Things | Kara Copely, Lea McInerney & Carody Culver | Avid Reader

Monday, 28 November 2022




Avid Reader Bookshop, 193 Boundary St, West End QLD 4101

Carody Culver is in-conversation with Vince Copley's daughter Kara and co-writer Lea McInerney discussing The Wonder of Little Things.

In The Wonder of Little Things, Vince tells his story with humour, humility and wisdom. Written with his friend Lea McInerney over many cups of tea, it is an Australian classic in the making, a plain-speaking account of hardship, courage and optimism told without self-pity or big-noting.

Vince's love of life will make you smile, his heartache will make you cry, and his determination to enjoy life in the face of adversity will inspire you to find the wonder in little things every day.

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