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The Tide Will Take It | Georgina Woods | Avid Reader

Tuesday, 25 October 2022




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'The poems in The Tide Will Take It do more than just describe the world: instead they give shape to a way of being that combines an awareness of the transitoriness of the moment with a lived appreciation of the much longer cycles of human life and the natural world. At once intimate and immense in its implication, it is a remarkable achievement.' James Bradley

Drew Hutton is in-conversation with Georgina Woods discussing her anthology The Tide Will Take It.

This collection of poems is both celebration and elegy, paying homage to everyday beauty and documenting and protesting its degradation and neglect. The poems move along distinct threads: poems of ocean and river; those that draw insight from or give voice to birds and animals; and others that tell or retell the experiences of real and mythical women. Activist though they are, the poems in this collection avoid the didactic, preferring the intricacies of attempting to understand, redress and find a way to live with loss and environmental change. They inhabit many forms and voices: news reports; bird song; other poets; even the tide itself, and speak to us with tenderness, urgency and optimism.

Georgina Woods is a poet and environmentalist living on Worimi and Awabakal land, in Mulloobinba/Newcastle. She has a PhD in English literature from Newcastle University and works in environmental advocacy. Her poems and essays have appeared in journals and anthologies including Overland, Cordite and Meanjin. The Tide Will Take It is her first book of poetry.

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