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The Squatters' Grab | Wal Walker and Julianne Schultz | Avid Reader

Wednesday, 20 September 2023




Avid Reader

Millions of Australians who will vote in the upcoming referendum have little knowledge of the history of our relations with the traditional owners.

The Squatters’ Grab bridges this gap, it records the voices and experience of explorers, settlers and Aboriginals as the frontiers of settlement pushed rapidly out from Sydney, west then northward across the country. It includes those who recognised, respected and supported Indigenous people as well as the perpetrators of violence. It considers if settlement could have progressed cooperatively, without the extensive loss of Indigenous lives.

This book deals honestly with our past, it provides a history of the laws and administrations that failed Indigenous Australians. It is a book for the majority of Australian who have never found a clear and informative answer to what went wrong between the settlers and the First Australians. It is a resource for teachers and students across the country who are finally being given a curriculum that deals honestly with our past.

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