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The New Queensland House | Panel | Avid Reader

Wednesday, 21 September 2022




Avid Reader Bookshop West End

Join panelists, authors Cameron Bruhn and Katelin Butler with Sonia Graham and Chris Bligh discussing The New Queensland House.

Imagine being in a home designed for a sun-drenched lifestyle – a dwelling so attuned to its setting and occupants that it effortlessly adapts to the climate and allows outdoor living all year round. This richly illustrated book takes the reader on an immersive journey through Queensland’s most exciting, contemporary architect-designed houses.

The New Queensland House presents 28 awe-inspiring homes from the past decade, describing the architectural atmosphere in the early 21st century and exemplifying the ideas, teaching and buildings that have shaped the state’s residential architecture. Visit glamorous hilltop villas that are a stage set for a splendid tropical lifestyle; go inside the most hospitable family homes in the relaxed garden suburbs; and revel in the perfect requirements for architectural escapism in pristine, remote locations.

This illuminating book showcases Queensland’s adventurous and globally acclaimed residential architecture, exploring the integral part it plays in the rich cultural heritage and exciting future of the state. Not only does it present aspirational homes, it also offers replicable models for regionally and environmentally sensitive architecture across the world.

Cameron Bruhn is the Dean and Head of School at the University of Queensland's School of Architecture. Prior to this appointment he was the editorial director of Architecture Media. Bruhn holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Queensland and a practice-based PhD from RMIT University. He was a co-creative director of the 2015 Australian Festival of Landscape Architecture and the 2016 Australian National Architecture Conference. In 2016 he initiated Queensland's Asia Pacific Architecture Festival. He edited MMXX, a landmark volume that documents significant architecture in Australia in the 21st century and has co-edited three books with Katelin Butler, all published by Thames & Hudson. Bruhn is a Fellow of the Design Institute of Australia and an Honorary Fellow of the Australian Institute of Architects.

Katelin Butler is the editorial director at Architecture Media. Prior to her appointment as editorial director, Katelin was the design portfolio manager at Architecture Media, editor of Houses (2010-18) and assistant editor of Architecture Australia (2005-09). She has co-edited three books with Cameron Bruhn, all published by Thames & Hudson. Butler holds a Bachelor of Environmental Design from the University of Tasmania and a Master of Architecture from the University of Melbourne. She has been a peer juror, exhibition curator, guest university critic and speaker at various industry events and conferences.

Sonia Graham and Chris Bligh started Bligh Graham Architects twenty years ago this year. During this period they have consistently pursued a climatically responsive architecture that explores how to enrich that way we live in this part of the world. The practice have been the recipients of many accolades over this time, and are one of only a few practices to have twice been awarded the highest Australian Institute of Architects State Award for Residential Architecture - The Robin Dods Award - most recently for their own experimental house the Live Work Share House. This project is a built example of their passion for housing solutions that simultaneously address the housing and climate crises, and the need for new flexible and adaptable housing typologies that can accommodate more than one family, and a range of living and work from home scenarios.

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