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The Logic of Settler Colonialism and Ontoepistemic Injustice | Kaitlin Smalley | UQHAPI

Thursday, 25 August 2022




UQ Michie Building

In this presentation, I draw on the work of Aileen Moreton-Robinson, bell hooks, and Val Plumwood to argue that settler colonisation entails ontoepistemic injustice not only because it relies upon the dispossession and displacement of existing inhabitants to carry out its aims but due to the nature of the logic employed by settler colonisers to justify their actions – a logic which necessarily comes to influence the formation of settler colonial society, as well as generations of colonisers to continue to make decisions in service of the regime. To argue that this logic remains operational in contemporary Australian society, I contrast the government’s unprecedented action taken in the form of the Northern Territory Emergency Response (the NT Intervention) with their lack of action to shut Don Dale Youth Detention Centre.

This seminar is in Michie Building, Room 210

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