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The Double Blind | Loraine Peck | Avid Reader

Sunday, 14 May 2023




Avid Reader

Join in a discussion about Loraine Peck's book The Double Blind. Loraine will be in conversation with Megan Norris.

About the book:

You can run, but you can never escape your family.

Amy and Johnny Novak have fled to a seaside town in northern New South Wales. They want a fresh start with their eleven-year-old son Sasha, and Amy is determined to shake off the legacy of Johnny’s criminal family.

But it’s hard to outrun the Novaks.

Are Amy and Johnny still keeping secrets from each other? And how did they get involved in a high-stakes game with Arturo Raoul De Leon, aka The Snake? Can Amy rise to the occasion to keep her family safe or will she be forced to become Johnny’s partner in crime?

Loraine Peck’s The Second Son won the 2021 Best Debut Crime Fiction Ned Kelly Award and was shortlisted for two Davitt Awards and the Danger Award. With its character-driven plot, psychological finesse, humour and sparkling dialogue, The Double Bind is an enthralling sequel.

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