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Spirals - Bookzine Launch | Wondrous Fair | Avid Reader

Thursday, 27 October 2022




Avid Reader Bookshop West End

To celebrate Wondrous Fair’s new album SPIRALS – they have published a bookzine of their poetry, lyrics, pictures and paintings.

Wondrous Fair are a band but also a ‘collective’ of artists, poets and musicians.

The word ‘sonnet’ means ‘little song’ in Italian – songs & poems have always gone together.

Come along and hear Members of Wondrous Fair recite their musical sonnets (which will include sound poems in the form of tape loops). This will be an interactive evening - Wondrous Fair’s melodic sonnets belong to everyone so audience members will be welcomed to read their favourite WF poem.

Wondrous Fair will be accompanied by poet, musician and political agitator extraordinaire, Jonathan Sri and published Buddhist writer and poet Leslie Synge and Brisbane poet laureate Geoff Shera.

Copies of Spirals the Book will be available to delight and bewitch you – bring a riming dictionary.

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