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Reasons Not to Worry | Brigid Delaney | Avid Reader

Tuesday, 20 September 2022




Avid Reader Bookshop West End

Reasons Not to Worry is an accessible introduction to Stoic principles of virtue, moderation and self-discipline, adapting this ancient knowledge to inspire practical advice for everyday life.

Julian Morgans is in-conversation with Brigid Delaney discussing Reasons Not to Worry: How to be Stoic in chaotic times.

We're all searching for answers to the biggest questions: How can we be good? Find calm? Properly grieve? Beat FOMO? Work out what truly matters? Well, the good news is that the wisest minds in history asked the exact same questions - and they found answers. The ancient philosophy of Stoicism shows us that we are already in possession of the very tools we need to excavate this much-needed wisdom for ourselves.

So into the past we go with Brigid Delaney, to a time not unlike our own: one full of pandemonium, war, plagues, pestilence, treachery, corruption, anxiety, overindulgence, and - even back then - the fear of a climate apocalypse. By living and learning the teachings of three ancient guides, Seneca, Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius, Brigid shows us how we can apply their lessons to our modern lives in a way that allows us to regain a sense of agency and tranquillity.

Stoicism can be a tough medicine to swallow, but no longer - this book is awash with insight, humour and compassion. Timely, so very useful, and filled to the brim with ways you can wrest back control, here are all the reasons not to worry.

'Brigid has the most incredible gift of taking seemingly complex and esoteric concepts and explaining them to the reader in a way that is generous and clear, but above all, relatable. Reading this book is like having a long walk with your cool big sister while she just happens to be giving you the skinny on Greco-Roman philosophy.' Ben Lee

'Reasons Not to Worry is both an introduction and an interrogation of Stoicism. With acute thoughtfulness and a genial lightness, Delaney convinces us that this ancient philosophy is still relevant and necessary. I appreciated the kindness in this book and I was grateful for the care and commitment and joy of the writing and argument.' Christos Tsiolkas

Brigid Delaney is a journalist for The Guardian, and writes a popular weekly column, 'Brigid Delaney's Diary', that is widely read in Australia, the US and the UK. She is the author of three books: This Restless Life, Wild Things and Wellmania. Wellmania was also published in the UK, Canada, the US and France. She was the co-founder of the Mercy Campaign - an anti-death penalty movement - and the co-creator of the Netflix TV comedy Wellmania.

Julian Morgans is the creator of Byron Baes. Host of new and very brilliant podcast What it Was Like. Creator of Extremes podcast and former editor of Vice (Australia).

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