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NATIVE BEES, BIODIVERSE ENVIRONMENTS AND INNOVATIONS IN HORTICULTURE | Professor Robert Henry, Director of the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation, Dr Tim Heard, Sugarbag Bees, and Mr Ryan Newis, a member of the 'sustainable agriculture systems theme' in the Centre for Planetary Health and Food Security at Griffith University, Nathan | The Royal Geographical Society of Queensland

Monday, 26 June 2023




Gregory Place. Level 1 / 28 Fortescue St. Spring Hill. 4000

Stingless bees, also known as meliponines, native to Australia are pollinators for some of our valuable horticulture; macadamias, mangos, chokos and lychees. Recent technological advancements in are leading to innovations in horticulture, including the use of stingless bees as pollinators, aiming for increased yields and improved sustainability practices.

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