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A new generation for nuclear | Will Shackel in conversation with Campbell Newman | Australian Institute for Progress

Thursday, 12 October 2023




Brisbane Club, 241 Adelaide Street Brisbane, QLD 4000

When Will Shackel researched a school project into nuclear energy he became convinced that most of what he thought he knew was wrong, and that Australia had to change its position on nuclear if it were to have any chance of reaching NetZero at all.

So a school project became a life project.

Since then he's gathered other like-minds together and formed Nuclear for Australia which lobbies for nuclear power in Australia.

You may have seen him on Q&A, where the school boy schooled the energy minister Chris Bowen on the facts of life.

Will is an inspiration - an everyday Aussie kid who decided that something must be done, and he would pitch in and help do it. People have drawn comparisons between Will and Greta Thunberg, the Swedish wunderkind who fronted the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP24).

Any comparisons would have to be in Will's favour. He speaks logically, not emotionally, and is fully across his subject matter. He is fluid, lucid, speaks without scripts, and is persuasive without being in the least bit hysterical.

This is an opportunity to understand not just the need for nuclear, but how younger generations are searching for rational solutions to the potential effects of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Will will be interviewed by Campbell Newman, former Premier of Queensland, and himself a pro-nuclear advocate.

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